We are expat professionals, who want to make it easy for you to do business in Peru. Reasons to do business in Peru include:

Friendly people, low cost of living, low cost of incorporation, special tax breaks for start-ups, stable currency, strong and growing economy. Great products for export. Market for brew pubs is wide open! Residency and citizenship are far simpler than in other countries. Great beaches and climate. Want jungles? We got jungles. Want mountains? Got those too.

Peru is surprisingly less regulated than many other countries, especially with respect to alcohol production and crypto currency. Peru has massive natural resources. Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Metals, Pisco, and Chocolate. Also Coffee. Did we mention the beaches? And don’t forget—Machu Picchu!

Free trade agreements with the EU, China, India, Brazil, the US, Australia, and many, many others! Bank accounts may be held in either USD or PEN. Corporations can be 100% foreign owned.

Lima at Night
Mercado San Camilo
Barranco Plaza
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